Tranquille Farm Fresh

Tranquille Farm Fresh exists to tell the stories of Tranquille in creative and entertaining ways that connect visitors emotionally to this legendary property.

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Events for 2019

Can you… DARE you… navigate and survive 8 acres of JUNGLE with just your headlamp and a handful of clues. You never know who is watching and why, with those glowing eyes in the dark!

The Cooney Papers chronicles the lives of Charles and Betsy from each of their births to the death of Charles in 1917. This innovative production combines video and live acting in front of a 36 foot curved screen set in front of the loading docks in the old Tranquille Laundry.

It’s a dangerous job. Courage, intelligence and determination are needed to be a code breaker during the second world war, all the while – avoiding capture and even death.

We share the history of Tranquille as a series of linked stories that reach back to the last ice age and carry listeners through indigenous people’s presence on the land, the early fur trade, the development of BC, the 1858 Gold Rush, the development of the BC’s cattle industry, and the dramatic role Tranquille played in the history of each.

Went for the tunnel tour the other night (The Witness) was something I honestly probably wouldnt have done but we all had a great time. You all did an amazing job and will definitely be back in the future.. thanks for a great time!!!

– Bob Wouters

I went with a group of was seriously the best Halloween event I've ever been too!!! I definitely plan on doing it again!!

– Lee-Anne Deneault

Went for Tunnel Theatre The Witness last night. SO good! Definitely coming back next year! Thank you for the great night.

– Amie Rae

What a stimulating theater experience! I am really looking forward to more.

– Una J Connor