Our History

Tranquille Farm is a 150+ year old historic farm site located in the city of Kamloops British Columbia, 15 minutes from downtown. It is located in a stunning setting nestled between the shores of Kamloops Lake to the south and the famous Lac Du Bois Grasslands Park to the north. The protected Tranquille Wildlife Management to the east and the Tranquille Ecological Reserve to the west complete a quartet of neighbours most farmers would die for!

Originally settled by C.T. Cooney in 1865 the site became renowned for its horses, vegetables, berries, and wide variety of apple varieties. Legend has it that one apple from the farm orchard could make two pies! According to a book written about the Cooney family, other produce from the farm won awards at the World Fair in Paris and London.

Subsequent to the purchase of the site from the Cooney family in the 1930’s by the provincial government, the farm food operations were diversifed to include a piggery, abbatoir, smoke house, cannery, dairy, creamery, and substantial vegetable cellars. The farm’s fruit orchards and  vegetable gardens were expanded and the farm grew dramatically under the stewardship of a series of farm managers. Soon it was winning national recognition for its achievements in dairy breeding as the farm more than doubled its dairy production within the space of a few years.

In its heyday the Tranquille Farm was producing the majority of food and dairy products for the 1,000 staff and patients working and living at the neighbouring Tranquille Institution. In 1985 the government closed down the Tranquille Farm and Tranquille Institution. Twenty years later a group of investors purchased the Tranquille Farm and Tranquille Institution property. The site has been renamed Tranquille On the Lake and will become home to a sustainable Master Planned Community of approximately 4,500 people

The Tranquille Farm is being reborn as a leading edge urban farm that will be integrated into the development. Forty one thousand square feet of magnificent historic barns and other farm buildings have been restored and will  serve the new community as a market center where urban food research, crop production, value added food production, and culinary skills will be pursued and celebrated. Simply put, our vision is to be the industry leader in the art of urban farming inside of a sustainable Master Planned Community.