The historic Tranquille Farm is situated on the nutrient rich delta of the Tranquille Creek, home of the 1857 BC Gold Rush.  Nestled between the banks of the South Thompson River and Kamloops Lake to the south and Mara Mountain to the north this 469 acre property has been the provider of community health and wellness for millennia. As far back as 6,000 years ago aboriginal hunters and gatherers frequented the site replenishing their fish and wild game supplies. In the mid 1800’s William Fortune and CT Cooney homesteaded on what is today the Tranquille Farm.SCAN0006 With the sale in 1909 of the Fortune Ranch to the Anti-Tuberculosis Society a new chapter was added to the fabric of the site. The King Edward Sanatorium was established. In 1927 the Anti-Tuberculosis Society asked the provincial government to take over operations due to a lack of operating capital.Sharon Gullacher 1945 -50 Within the year the government purchased the neighbouring Cooney Ranch and amalgamated the properties together to form what became the Tranquille Farm and Tranquille Medical Training Institution. After its closure in 1985, Tranquille Farm operations ground to a halt. Once the primary supplier of food, to 1,000 people on the site and many others off site in other government institutions the farm’s piggery, cannery, abattoir, dairy, gardens, orchards, and beef testing station fell silent.

Redevelopment Plans

In 2005 British Columbia Wilderness Tours, under new ownership, launched a visionary conversation with the City and local interest groups to build a sustainable, mixed use, master planned community of several thousand residents on the site. 2011 brought closure to a multi-year process of environmental site assessment and remediation paving the way for redevelopment. In early 2012 the City of Kamloops approved the Tranquille On the Lake Neighbourhood Plan, a document laying out the values, planning principles, key design elements, land uses and approval processes required to rebuild Tranquille. On the heels of this the City gave 3rd reading to a Comprehensive Zoning Plan for the site which lays out the integration of land uses, densities, and community amenities across the property. Completion of a 20 year Phased Development Agreement in 2013 will bring to a close core municipal approvals paving the way for completion of the Master Development Plan and implementation of Phase One of the development.

Tranquille Farm Fresh – Community Development

The cornerstone of the regenerative Tranquille On the Lake community will be its urban farm, working waterfront, and sustainable community based on the intrinsic values of health, wellness, and “hands-on” education. In the summer of 2012, the Tranquille Farm Fresh community market opened its doors to the residents of Kamloops. The market offered organically grown vegetables and berries, heritage tours, concerts, primary and secondary educational programs, and an array of agri tourism activities. Market response was stunning as in excess of 10,000 visitors (primarily from Kamloops) connected with the farm.  The 2015 season (August 0 October)  at Tranquille will continued to build on community feedback and lessons learned in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Tours, Tunnel Theatre Tours and a large Corn Maze with fall festivities are all planned for the fall. (The onsite Tranquille Farm Fresh Market has closed for 2015)