Our 2016 Heritage Tours run on Saturdays at 10.30 am!

Buy your tickets at the farm, last tour October 22nd.

Open for private tours any time (minimum 20 people) call 250 574 74747 to book

Our 2015 Heritage Tour unpacks 6000 years of fascinating history

  • historic tour building mainAboriginal hunters & gatherers
  • Early days of the Hudson’s Bay Company
  • River Commerce of the 1800’s
  • The tale of two family’s empires
  • The betrayal of a widow
  • The rise & fall of two medical institutions
  • Read the stories and the names in the tunnels of other visitors

A walk through a section of the tunnels and learn about their history and purposerail road Tranquille

TOUR TIME:  Saturday 10.30 am

Come and park at the Corn Maze, and that is also where you  buy your tickets (cash only). Dress appropriate for the weather. Tour times are subject to change without notice. The tour takes approximately 1.5 hours

Wheelchair friendly trailer,  (please notify us in advance so we are prepared. Call us at 250 574 7474 Thank you)

Cost including tax:

$20 / person cash, children under 10 are free